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What Period Poverty Project Means to Sham

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

With 3 older sisters, 1 wife, 2 daughters and lots of female friendships since high school and still in everyday life, the phenomenon of the menstrual cycle is not a taboo for me. When I first heard about menstrual poverty in the Netherlands, I was amazed and even joked about it!

But when I thought about it more, I realized that apparently none of the ladies around me are dealing with menstrual poverty. At least that's what I think!

And I thought that these ladies in my area should actually feel blessed. The idea that one of my female loved ones would have to struggle with the choice of either menstrual products or, for example, shopping for groceries, made me sad. "We men" don't have to worry about this!

And when the realization came that in my own city of Zoetermeer there are residents who do have to deal with this, I decided to support Pritha's initiative against menstrual poverty. I believe that as a man, I should pay attention to this. After all, it's not just a 'female thing'. Yes, of course, it is essentially a 'woman thing', but we men cannot and must not close our eyes to the fact that there may be menstrual poverty in our immediate environment.

I therefore felt privileged to help Pritha with this project and I am very proud of my nickname 'Mister Shamverband'!

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