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Trial Lesson

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

You yourself are the Teacher, and the Pupil, you're the Master, you're the Guru,
you are the Leader, you are Everything! And, to understand, is to transform what Is.

- Jiddu Krishnamurti -

Just one more step to go until you can attend your first yoga class at Mahé!
Below are the options for getting a trial yoga class at Mahé:
+ buy the one time drop-in at Mahé Yoga studio

+ buy the 1 week unlimited introduction package

Step by Step instruction:
1. Go to our schedule here.
2. Choose a class you want to try.
3. Click that particular class.
4. A check out page with iDeal payment gateway will show up.
5. Make your payment; 1 drop-in / losseles class for trial is from €17.50.

6. You'll receive an email to confirm your registration.
7. You're all done! See you in class.

What a wonderful experience! Pritha is an awesome teacher, and I love how she guided us through the practice with gentle tips and reminders. And the studio is absolutely gorgeous, you feel like you're entering a spa as soon as you walk in :) Will definitely be back.

Dženifera Dubovija

Mahé is yoga and breathes yoga! The 'lessons' are varied and give you peace of mind while you train your body and feel better and more aware.

Jannie van Rossum

Been training with yoga for about 3/4 years now. Thanks to the wonderfully strenuous relaxed lessons with Mahe, I am getting stronger and more flexible, physically and mentally. Nice lessons from nice people and a nice atmosphere!

Ka ren

This studio is so nice, there is room for you and your body. I leave the studio with a good feeling to start or end the rest of the day. There are different teachers, classes and even events. The lesson itself is varied and structured, you notice that you are becoming more powerful and mindful. Thanks Pritha

Cemile Tastekin

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