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Yoga Teachers

Literally, everything in this Universe is made of energy. We are but energy beings. Our bodies and even our thoughts and ideas are made of energy. Therefore, each one of us has a frequency of vibration. Depending on this vibration we attract similar kinds of people towards us. We make friendships with those who reciprocate our deeper values.

It is important who you chose to be friends with.

Life Transformation Through Compassion

Mahé Yoga is the 'light at the end of the tunnel' of a big transformational journey that happened after the life of Zenang Yoga & More. Mahé Yoga is the brainchild of Pritha Maheswari who emphasizes Holistic, Wellness, and Therapy

as the core of this business. 

We aspire to help you discover your true self by integrating the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Breath-work, Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki Healing, Body-work, and so much more as a way of living and being. 

Dive deep with us to learn how to live your life consciously and mindfully so that you can grow compassion for yourself first before you can share it with others. When you're able to be your true self and prioritize self-care practices as a way of living, then will you be able to find your inner peace, freedom and happiness in this lifetime.


Thank you for allowing us to be your guide on this journey.

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The Fire of Mahé


Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher

Are you also an inspiring Yoga teacher?

Are you also an inspiring Yoga teacher who are looking for a connected and conscious community to join forces with?

Get in touch with us over a cup of tea and we'll see if our vibes are truly alike.

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