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Policy & Procedure

The health and safety of our community is our top priority, and we ask for your assistance in keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. Mahé Yoga is taking steps to protect our community and in addition, there are steps whereby each person can take charge of their own health and wellness inside our studio. We look forward to continuing to provide a safe and healthy yoga environment to our beloved yoga community. We believe yoga is a safe and wonderful way to stay healthy. We hope that you will continue your yoga practice with us, keeping our yoga community thriving and strong. 


1. STAY HOME If you exhibit flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties or a rise in temperature, please stay home! Keep our community safe. 


2. SURFACES: Our efforts to keep our studio germ free include cleaning and sanitizing countertops, door handles, bathroom fixtures, yoga floors, and often-touched areas every day. We encourage you to wash your hands before and after class. Also after each visit to the rest room.


3. PROPS: All community props are limited. Students are required to bring a mat, blanket, 2 blocks, and strap to class with them. 


4. DRINKS: We provide tap drinking water & warm tea in the studio. You may bring your own water bottle as well.


5. REGISTRATION: Students are REQUIRED to sign up for class via Ribbon/Momence prior to arriving at the studio. All Payments are to be processed on line thru Ribbon/Momence prior to arriving. This is to protect the students as well as the staff when processing check in. No “walk-ins” will be permitted. 


6. SIZE OF CLASSES: We have a very limited space of maximum 15-20 students. If you register for the class and then cannot make it, please go back to the Ribbon/Momence app and cancel at least 2 hours prior for regular classes (for workshops and special events, please refer to our General Terms & Conditions page for specific cancellation period). Any no shows on regular classes will be charged extra €10 for non cancellations. 


7. LOST/LEFT BEHIND ARTICLES: Mahé Yoga is not responsible for any personal items left behind at the studio. Any lost & found items will be marked and held for a maximum 30 days, if nobody claims them, Mahé has the right to get rid of the items.


8. REFUND POLICY: All sales are final - non refundable. Please refer to our General Terms & Conditions page for more detailed information. 


9. LIABILITY WAIVER: All students automatically sign and agreed to the Liability Waiver & Policy by signing in.


By signing up, I agree to this waiver.

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