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How To Find Your Guru?

Guru is a Sanskrit term, which is used for a teacher, expert, or a master of a subject / field. The word Guru is derived from two words - Gu meaning darkness, and Ru meaning removal. Guru translated as Removal of Darkness. Thus, Guru is believed to be the one who dispels the darkness and takes us towards the light. A Guru acts like a sculptor who cast out an idol and polishes it to bring out its real sheen ✨✨

There are so many Yoga schools out there. How do you choose the right guru or teacher? From a student to another student, here are a few tips to find your guru or teacher to guide you in your Yoga journey:

  1. Yoga is a way of life. Find someone who walks the talk.

  2. Find someone who embodies the knowledge you want to receive, through and through.

  3. Find a teacher who has a teacher. It's so important for a teacher to have a teacher to keep their cup full and to teach them lessons in humility. A good teacher will always study.

  4. Yoga is an ancient practice that was discovered thousands of years ago. Yoga contains Mantra, Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing technique), Mudra (gestures), Bandhas (energy locks), Shatkarmas (cleansing), Ayurveda (holistic medicinal system), Yama & Niyama (ways of right living), and Meditation. Find a teacher who is living this way of life, day by day, and ready to teach you all these components of Yoga.

  5. Yoga is science, not floaty (a lot of people in Holland describe Yoga as being floaty or zweverig). You can't love what you don't know, which means, they can describe Yoga as whatever they want, just because they don't know anything about it. But if you are trained in Yoga as a Yoga teacher, and tell others that reciting Mantra is floaty or zweverig, this is not the right way. You should reconsider teaching Yoga to other people.

  6. Once you found someone who 'practices what they preach,' someone you admire, and able to 'remove the darkness from your path' natural chemistry will be automatically built. You will have great respect for this teacher, and this is how you found your teacher.

Hopefully this insight shines a little light on your path. Hari Om 🙏

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