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Mellow Yin

Tuesdays, 20.30 - 21.30 CEST (Amsterdam Timezone) Teacher: Ronja

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Relaxing. Passive. Nurturing. A restorative class to unwind and de-stress. Mellow Yin Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to stretch the body and work into connective fascial tissue, a balance to the more dynamic Yang practices. In a Mellow Yin class, floor poses are held for 4-6 minutes, each targeting joint and ligament stress and enabling muscles to soften all the while being supported fully with various props such as; blocks, bolster, straps, pillows, blankets, eye pillows and sometimes fascia balls. In holding poses for longer periods of time, Mellow Yin Yoga cultivates a sense of surrender. A powerfully therapeutic class, Mellow Yin is ideal for highly active people – runners, cyclists, regular yoga practitioners, thinkers, people with anxiety, people who are recovering from injuries - as well as anyone wanting to release tightness in their body. You will leave feeling lighter, more flexible, and with a more open body, mind and heart. Perfect for all levels of experience, even beginners.

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