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Sun, Aug 21


Mahé Yoga Studio

📣 WORKSHOP: Dear Future Self... ✍🏽

• HOW TO BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF • Discover your Human Design Come on a 3-hour journey where you learn how your unique energy works at best.

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📣 WORKSHOP: Dear Future Self... ✍🏽
📣 WORKSHOP: Dear Future Self... ✍🏽

Time & Location

Aug 21, 2022, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM GMT+2

Mahé Yoga Studio, Newtonstraat 69, 2723 RL Zoetermeer, Netherlands

About the event


Discover your Human Design  Come on a 3-hour journey where you learn how your unique energy works at best. We're letting go of the truth ''if you work hard enough, then you'll get there'' and shift to a new, more serving truth ''if your life is in flow, things will come more easily to you''.  

What if we told you that you were designed to fulfil a specific purpose in this life and that you have been given a blueprint to help you navigate and maximise your precious lifetime on this earth?  The best way you make decisions, how you make things happen, what your purpose is in life and much more. You have strengths and gifts inside of you that are waiting to be rediscovered after years of deep conditioning.  

Release everything that you've been taught to do or to believe, but actually doesn't serve you. Release all the fears, self doubt, self judgement & anything that is holding you back.  Reconnect with yourself, gain clarity on what you truly desire & give yourself permission to finally make your dreams come true. 

You are about to discover how to become the best version of yourself: that is being your true self.  

This is for everyone who wants to get closer to yourself and wants to learn how to navigate through life with the blueprint that you've been given when you were born. We'll guide you during this journey from feeling uninspired, overwhelmed and frustrated to relief, acceptance and allowance to be who you truly are.  

Do you recognise some of these?  

✔️ Nothing is happening 

✔️ This is not going the way I want 

✔️ I’m bored, I feel uninspired 

✔️ I feel like I’m having life sucked out of me 

✔️ Why is everyone else doing what they love, but nothing is coming to me? 

✔️ I have no energy to do what I dream of 

✔️ Feeling like you have no control of your own life 

✔️ You feel mad or annoyed at people for having done things ‘to’ you 

✔️ Feeling restricted 

✔️ Feeling low-grade depression 

✔️ Feeling you’re not living life to the fullest  

Do you want to feel: 

⭐ Relieved 

⭐ Accepted 

⭐ Allowed 

⭐ Possible 

⭐ Confidence 

⭐ Clarity 

⭐ Understood 

⭐ Recognised 

⭐ Trusted 

⭐ Eye-opening  

Then, this workshop is definitely for you!  

👱‍♀️ About Lisa Parker: Hi! My name is Lisa. I am lively, open minded and as I would say in Dutch: 'eigenwijs' - but of course in the positive sense of the word ;-) Freedom is the reason why I do what I do, but it hasn’t always been that way. For years I’d had a niggling feeling, a voice, nudging me from time to time, saying: ‘’Is this what life is all about? There’s must be more out there.’’  What I know to be true is that everyone has the freedom to create the life of their dreams. It is my belief and the vision I live by. I now travel the world and have my own business. With Concept Sunshine I help my clients to become clear on their vision and act from a strong foundation in themselves. Because only when you allow yourself to be who you truly are, do what you love and dare to take in your place: you can shine your light. And believe me beautiful soul, we need that light.

Here's what people say about Lisa: 

📣 ''Mind-blowing! It was a great experience to receive from you. I felt your passion for Human Design and love for helping others from start to finish. It was an enlightening and perhaps even a healing conversation. Now I'm far from being ''whoo-hoo'' and I often lean a little too much towards the rational side, so that I say this is quite something for me. I felt so much recognition and allowance. I said it before to you, but because of this Human Design reading you already knew me better than a few conversations with the psychologist. Believe me I have enough experience with that already, haha. What has it brought me? More structure, puzzle pieces that slowly fell into place and therefore peace (which was my intention!)'' - Jikke  

📣 "I didn't really know what to expect. I was actually looking for confirmation as to whether I was already doing things the right way or not. I certainly felt that confirmation and recognition. It's so nice to have 'aha' moments. Oh that's why I am like this. Oh that's why I feel this way. Very nice and enlightening. It has given me more confidence in my way of life. Go with it.” - Kimberley  

📣 “It was so special. I'm quite sober, but so cool that everything fell into place, I really felt understood and these insights make a lot clear for me! So glad I went into this with you! I have the confirmation that I can rely on my own abilities and strength. - Valerie  

👩🏾 About Pritha: Being in love with yoga practice and studies for a long time, Pritha eventually completed her yoga teacher training in Bali, ten years after practicing yoga on a daily basis. Intrigued with yogic life and connecting like-minded yoga communities, she dove in head first co-owning a yoga studio in The Netherlands just six months upon her arrival.  Growing up predominantly in a culture that embraces a spiritual way of living, allows her to create a safe space for her yoga students to celebrate & embody the connection of their body, mind and spirit open mindedly. Pritha is certified in the field of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Myofascial Release, Fly High Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage,  Restorative Yoga, The Studies of Yoga Philosophy, Reiki Usui 1 & 2, and a Yoga Therapist.  

Here's what people say about Pritha: 

📣 Enthusiastic, experienced, friendly, positive, go-getter, positive, inspiring, happy, cheerful, honest, vibrant, feisty, courageous, disciplined, passionate, outgoing, direct, passionate, determine, caring, brave, strong willed, loving, full of energy, open hearted.


🐤 Early Bird (registration before Sat, 23 July 2022): €59,- 

🦅 Late Bird (registration after Sat, 23 July 2022): €69,-

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